Investing in child’s future? Check out these funds

Every parent loves to provide the best lifestyle to the child. It closely depends upon the way they are able to take care of different milestones of their lives like education or marriage. Today there are a number of child plan products in the market promising you to build a healthy corpus to provide sufficient funds for their future needs. We have evaluated several reputed plans and picked a few best ones based on the budget, portfolio, investment strategy, and secured payouts.

Aviva Young Scholar Advantage

Aviva Young Scholar Advantage comes with all the qualities required to provide a portfolio that gets healthier with the time. This Unit linked plan invests strategically in market instruments to ensure a corpus that enjoys periodical boosts with the market-related benefit.

  • The insured person enjoys the benefits of extensive life coverage under this plan
  • In this child plan you are free to choose the best option from 7 different funds to suit your risk appetite, financial objectives, current budget and required financial accessibility
  • To ensure the easy access at the times of immediate needs, the plan offers provision for fund liquidity
  • You are free to switch between the funds in order to take the best benefits out of varying market conditions and their effects on different funds.
  • The plan also ensures the fixed periodical benefits in the form of loyalty additions

AEGON Life Educate Advantage

This money back child plan is apt for the parents with modestly conventional outlook who like to get the positive returns while remaining on relatively safer side. It runs on a limited premium payment and offers several benefits along with conditional rebates.

  • The policyholder enjoys a guaranteed payout throughout the period of last 4 years of their policy
  • Depending upon the size of the sum assured, a decent rebate may be offered to the policyholder that further cuts down the total costs
  • There are 2 different payout options for the event of demise
  • The benefit amount keeps on increasing annually due to the bonus facility that is offered under this child plan structure
  • The policy is eligible for tax benefits as per the section 80C and section 10D of Income Tax Act

SBI LifeSmart Camp Insurance Plan

The plan is deftly designed to ensure a regular balanced stream of income within a strategic timeframe. Assured benefits are guaranteed by the plan and a comfortable financial corpus is strategically prepared. It is offered at the end of every policy years in the form of accumulated bonus to help finance the educational pursuits of your children in the future.

  • The policyholder gets two premium payment options in the form of a single pay or limited payment suiting heir financial profile and objectives
  • The policyholder will be provided the option of wavering premium rider that waves off all the premiums during the event of uncertain demise of the Parent/Guardian
  • Some other key benefits that can further increase strength of this child plan are guaranteed smart benefit, simple reversionary bonus a terminal bonus.

Bajaj Allianz Young Assurance plan

When investing in your child’s future, a major point that worries most of the parents is how to avail of the best life coverage benefit while assuring a healthy financial corpus for your child. The Bajaj Alliance young Assurance Plan is the precise solution if you are looking for the best plan assuring these twin benefits.

  • The plan strategically designed to take the best care of the future inflation that is why it provides strong provision for guaranteed additions
  • You will get multiple premium payment plans that offer more control over the investment strategy
  • This Child plan offers a wide array of policy tenures that empowers the investor to choose the ideal tenure meeting their objectives
  • 3 different options for availing maturity benefit further adds to the flexibility

Future Generali Life’s assured education plan

This plan considers the parent as the principal life insured. Under this Child plan, a strategic and steady series of investment is utilized to build a healthy financial portfolio by the time the child would require the policy amount.

  • The policyholder is free to select the best option from 3 different maturity benefits options
  • During the unfortunate event of expiry of the parent, the child will be made the beneficiary and would be paid the benefit
  • Option of the rider benefits is also available
  • The plan comes with Income tax benefits


There are a number of reputed brands offering several reliable child plan products that promised to provide the economic support to help your child lead a good lifestyle even in your absence. However, you need to be very careful while selecting the best plan that suits your budget and financial objective. Any hasty step can lead you in a wrong direction. So, it is very important to discuss with your trusted financial advisor to select the ideal plan.

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